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about us:

Beso Lux Group (BSG) is specialised in online sales of upholstered furniture. We co-operate with sales clubs, sales platforms and online stores. We strive for constant development, we continually expand the scope of our activities. Our first collections were created in 2012.

Today, our extensive portfolio includes a diverse and original range of upholstered and decorative items. Owing to their unique quality and outstanding marketing setting, we strengthen our position as leader on the European market every day.

In BSG, we make ideas happen - we both design furniture and create technical, graphic and photo materials for a whole range of products. We follow trends that we observe during numerous trade fairs and events of the furniture industry.

In pursuit of perfection, we care for excellent quality of co-operation with our business clients, and their satisfaction is our mail objective. We have an international, multicultural team and we normally work with foreign clients so English is our company’s business language.

how we do business: - services

Our sales team will help you select the products and brands that match your exact needs. We will also help you plan your sales campaigns, supplying all the promotional materials you may require.


Our qualified buyers analyze the developing market daily, looking for new and upcoming products, working on original designs and creating diverse offers. - services - services

Our creative team provides comprehensive support for each design process, from product selection to the launch of a sale campaign. The design team develops visual concepts, prepares photographs and promotional materials and provides professional graphic design services.


Our logistics department will help you plan the shipment and efficient delivery of your products to each European market. The logistics department liaise with both the manufacturers and sales team, overseeing the complete process. - services

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